Sound Machine by Silverflye- Only White Noise Machine with Remote Control- 6 Sleep Aid Sounds for ALL Babies,Toddlers and Adults-Sleek Ergonomic One Handed Control- Portable- Best of Baby Shower Gifts

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Manufacturer Description

Babies have what are called "Sleep Arousals"

These occur about every 20-45 minutes. Ever wonder why your baby naps for sometimes only 20 minutes at a time? When they hit their sleep arousal at the 20 minute mark they are unable to fall back into deeper sleep and thus nap time is over. Silverflye's White Noise Machine helps babies gently navigate these arousals to get longer, more restorative naps.

This revolutionary sleep aid machine helps to block out the noise of everyday life

These include TV, Siblings, Doorbells, etc. that can interfere with day naps and night sleep.

NEW Intuitive Remote Control

You no longer have to crawl into your baby's room salamander style to restart or shut off the sound machine! This sound machine comes with the only Remote Control on the market and has a 25 foot range. It controls and operates all of its dynamic functions.

Great Sleep Associations

White noise sound machines are great sleep associations for babies. This product will create a consistent sleep signal to establish a good sleep schedule for your baby wherever you go. Use this to create a safe space by blocking out stimulation anywhere, as it calms and distresses babies, even those with colic.

MUST Have When Expecting

Give yourself or an expectant mom the most precious and appreciated baby shower gift- SLEEP! This white noise machine is perfect for adults. It also works great if you sleep with your baby in the same room. As the machine is playing, you will establish healthy sleep habits and not wake up to every little sleep sound your baby makes. You'll also stop trying to feed or comfort baby after every little noise they make, leading them to wake up more frequently. The dual power source and battery saver on/off button will power off the machine, saving battery power.

When you purchase this today, you will unlock all the hidden sleep potential you and your child possess. Buy Now!

Product Features

ONLY REMOTE CONTROL AVAILABLE TODAY- Silverflye's Sleep Aid Sound Machine features a one of a kind remote control, which is the first ever remote for a relaxation machine, and works on a impressive 25 foot range. The cutting edge remote can easily be used to operate the sleep aid machine and all of its dynamic functions. You can effortlessly control the sound setting or shut off the sound machine once your baby has dozed off for the night. When baby is asleep, just press stop on the remote. SAFETY - Tested and measured for the safest sound setting for infants. U.S. Health and Safety Authorities have recommended a limit of 85 decibels over eight hours for adults and children. Most White Noise Machines have outputs greater than 85 decibels which exceeds this limit. Silverflye's Sound Relaxation Machine can be loud enough to soothe crying babies while playing at safe decibel levels. Portability allows you to place away from crib to control level and intensity of Sleep Aid Noise. EASE OF USE DESIGN FOR BUSY MOMMY ...FREE OTHER HAND- Silverflye's Baby Sound Machine was manufactured with a sleek ergonomic design for simple one handed control. Choose between 6 incredibly soothing and effective sleep aid sound tracks that will help you or your baby rest and fall asleep comfortably: Ocean waves, Heartbeat, White noise, Lullaby, Lullaby piano, Rain forest. Control with one hand by rotating the shuffle wheel and choosing your soothing sleeping aid sounds! FOR ADULTS TOO- Parents notoriously wake up every time the baby grunts or gurgles (and babies are NOISY CREATURES). If you're sleeping with baby in the same room, you'll probably sleep better too using this sleeping sound machine! It'll help drown out baby's loud noises so you stop waking to every little sound he/she makes. Our sound machine is ideal for adults, nurseries, day cares, medical offices, college dorms and apartments. AUTO TIMER/ PORTABILITY - The Auto Timer feature on the Silverfye Sound Machine was designed and manufactured to accommodate the natural sleep cycle of your baby. Select the 45 or 60 minute auto timer. It has a Dual power source- USB or AAA batteries(not included). Includes a battery saver on/off button to completely power off machine when not in use to extend battery lives. This portable sound machine fits in the palm of your hand. Ideal for diaper bags, travel, car rides and grandma's house!

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